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NanoMist and CoolGuard Announce Licensing Agreement

November 20, 2015


NanoMist Systems, annouced today the execution of a licensing arrangement of the Company's Fire Suppression and Fire Safety technologies for the benefit of CoolGuardTM.


"This agreement brings CoolGuard closer to full commercialization and brings NanoMist's robust mist technology to market in the Fire Safety arena" said Dr. K.C. Adiga, CEO of CoolGuard, "CoolGuard's ability to prevent fires from happening instead of reacting after the danger has occured will improve users' safety."


"We are proud to have our technology help enable such a noble application as Fire Prevention," agreed Mr. Robert F. Hatcher, Jr., managing member of NanoMist, LLC, "This is spot-on with our mantra of supporting innovative products that will enhance the quality of life for those who use them."


Another U.S. Patent awared to NanoMist

April 15, 2014


NanoMist Systems, LLC announced to day the awarding of another patent in its Biodecontamination Intellectual Property portfolio.  The Patent protects the Company's unique method of catalysing residual biocides after decontamination of obects or surfaces in a given volume.  The concepts in the new patent help enablethe Company's BioSHark decontamination device to perform decontamination of surfaces in large spaces significantly faster that earlier technologies, providing a significant competitive advange to the BioShark device.

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